Invalid Syntax Response

I am working on a simple login page. I am using Xano for my backend. I have also added the base api to the base and auth/login api to the create record. The registration works fine and it shows in the database, but when I attempt to longin, I get this error message:" Error: JSON error response from server: {“message”:“Invalid password syntax.”}.status: 500" . I have checked, but I can’t seem to find where the error is coming from. Has any one come across this issue?


I haven’t used Xano before, but found this thread with a tutorial video for AppGyver x Xano login. Would this be helpful?

Thanks for sharing that @Cecilia!

You are correct…That will show the login steps and the video before it in the AppGyver / Xano channel will walk through the signup using AppGyver and Xano.

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Thank you @Cecilia !

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Thank you @Steve_Stava !

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