iOS 15 This app cannot be installed because its integrity could not be verified

I have developed an iOS App and I have trying to install a beta demo via a .ipa file. I have tried loading the file through Configurator and Finder and had no luck.

I have an iPhone Distribution certificate Issued by: Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certification Authority and is coming up with valid message in Keychain. I have a UDID number on device on Apple Developer along with a provisioning profile and Bundle ID that matches.

Any ideas?

Just load it through App store and then use test flight. The app doesn´t go through any testing to get to this point.

Hi Phil,

Got it uploaded to App Store Connect through Transporter App, what would be next, I see v1.0.0 in builds but when I add an internal tester, no builds are available?

You need to give it a while to process, then update the encryption details (just a simple yes no thing). Then its ready to test.

Works on TestFlight. But now it’s not grabbing any fonts or app variable values?

No idea on font issues, but odd that you are having app variable issues. I didn´t encounter anything like that.

Add some diagnostic info into your app and rebuild it. Like triple tap on a title or similar. Or add a load of toasts.

Works fine in preview. But not in TestFlight? It’s not to the with App Store Connect encryption questionnaire is it?

So I’ve tried putting app variables into toasts etc, nothing. Normal content toasts work fine, just app variables that are having an issue.

Tested the web version. It is just iOS that are having issues with this. Weird. Any thoughts?

Its not generically app variables, or no one´s app would work, so don´t get too focused on that. Just test from the start, with as many toasts etc as you can. You will find it eventually. Good luck.

Cheers Phil! I’ll keep digging :smiley:

It’s probably the fact that the app writes the AppVars to the system memory but I haven’t allowed access on my provisioning profile… Will check that to start with

I ahve found it’s getting through this flow successfully, but not actually printing the AppVar, I don’t really know what to do

Set the appvar to something static like “Cat” and display it. If that’s ok, then the issue is what you are trying to assign to a variable, so display that as a toast separately.