iOS app installation issue

Hi My iOS build has succeeded but unable to install the app on the device. getting the following error:
Failed to install application at : Error Domain=MIInstallerErrorDomain Code=13 UserInfo={LibMISErrorNumber=-402620395, LegacyErrorString=, SourceFileLine=77, FunctionName=, NSLocalizedDescription=}

aphid: 249387 build : AppGyver Dashboard

Hi, same question, what runtime are you using for the build?

Using 2.8.33 for this

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btw, I am using Appstore profile. ( tried with Adhoc profile as well but did not work got some different error regarding entitlement)

Hi, Any update on this? Also is it possible to get the build done on our machines to debug this locally?

So I managed to install by uploading the ipa to Apple test flight and installing via test flight.
Is this the expected behavior, is it mandatory to download through test flight? no option to directly install ipa on device?

Hi, glad to hear you got it to work! The recommended way for local testing is through Testflight, creating adhoc builds is not publicly provided by us at the moment.

I can install an Adhoc build built from my machine using XCode directly on my device. Issue is only with your build system

Hi, apologies for my ignorance on the adhoc builds! Looks like that is possible but would take some extra steps from our part, see Mevi’s post below:

You can email us at for arranging an adhoc build, but Testflight is probably the way faster option.

no problem. Thank you for the update, appreciate it. Also it would help if you can update this in the iOS build documentation that testflight is mandatory to test the ipa, I don’t remember seeing it there

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