iOS Appgyver Preview


The Appgyver preview on iOS is enlarged. Attaching the screenshots (on AG composer, AG preview iOS, AG preview Android). The Appgyver composer pro preview width and iOS phone (preview app) are the same models. Can you please advise how to fix this problem. Thanks a lot!

App ID - 219091


Gentle reminder

Hi, I looked into it but can’t get this issue to reproduce. How are the typography styles of your components set, can you share some screenshots? Is it possible that the iPhone that you’re testing on has the text size turned on larger from Accessibility settings?


Thanks a lot for the reply.

The font is Open Sans and the front sizes are 28 and 16.

Larger text is off. Attached the image that shows the current settings. I think the current font size selected is large, for fonts smaller than this it is seems to work. The second image is the app page when the font is one size smaller.