iOS build error unknown 22.12.2020

I had completed my android build successfully. However, when it comes to iOS build, it says email to which I also did but pending for your reply.

Build 281079

Version: 2.4.24
Status: error
Message: Unknown error, contact support for more details.

Could you kindly let me know the error?

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same for me, iOS + WebBuilds are failing with both runtime versions.
It would be awesome if you could fix this asap as iOS store will close next days for reviews.


Update: My iOS build with both versions got through now after an hour, but the IPA file size is 10x (!) larger (126MB vs. 15 MB) in both versions than the build from last week.
Is this a bug or does it need to be like this?

It is not working for me. I do not know the issue. Need some guide on this.

Thanks for the report. There’s definitely something going on that’s intermittent – retrying a build might help. We’re looking into this ASAP, including the build size.

Hi Harri_Sarsa! For my build, there is unknown error. Could you kindly provide me with more information?

@sam_ng it seemed to be errors with the provisioning profiles, looks like you managed to fix it?

Hi Harri,

Actually, i did nothing but I guess you guys must have done some new update. Now my issue will be similar to Johannes. The file size for IPA has increased by 10x. I have yet to try IPA (122mb size).

Although I could download IPA for now, the IPA cannot be installed. I try to do it via xcodeScreenshot 2020-12-23 at 3.26.15 PM

That is because it’s an App Store build – the only way to install it on your device is to go through TestFlight.

Hi Harri! Thanks for the guide. I will try it again. It seems like Apple is not accepting app between 23 - 27th Dec

Hi Harri,

I have issues with my builds for two days. I tried different versions to get an iOS build. But the result is the same - it first stuck in “queued” status, and then fails and shows the error “unknown”.
It is my first try to get the build via AppGyver, so I don’t know I should correct smth in the config to make it works.
Could someone help me to go through it? Whom should I contact?

Thank you!!

Hi! Sorry this thread was only noticed just now, but it seems that you were able to get a build through recently. There was an issue with your provisioning profile app id not matching the bundle id.