iOS Build Error (updated to include solution)

Hi AppGyver Support …

I keep getting an unknown iOS build error.

Looking through the logs, I found this …

INTERNAL ERROR: Provisioning profile file does not exist. This error is most probably caused by a failed download.

I’ve rebuilt the provisioning profile, and it still does not work.

Can someone from the support team take a look?

App ID: 93291

Tx … Ron

Hi @Harri_Sarsa … Can you have someone on the support team take a look at this please. Tx :slight_smile:

We’ll get to this ASAP!

The provisioning profile should be a .mobileprovision file downloaded via – it seems that what you’ve uploaded has .der ending? Is that correct?

Thanks @Harri_Sarsa … I didn’t realize that there was an extra step to create a .mobileprovision file. Will give it a try and let you know.

It worked! Looks like I have a successful build.

For those that might be having issues with creating their first build, here’s what I had to do …

Start by reviewing the required build assets doc for AppGyver.

Here’s a snippet of the AppGyver docs to create your distribution certificate …

Distribution certificate

Your Apple distribution certificate and the private key used to generate it, exported together as a P12 file. See here for step-by-step instructions.

NOTE: The step-by-step instructions above do not use a password when saving your P12. According to the AppGyver instructions, you need to set a password.

What I missed was the link at the bottom of this external post to create the .mobileprovision file.

You need both of these files to submit your build.

When submitting your build, upload the P12 file on the first build page under iOS Distribution Certificate.

And upload the .mobileprovision file on the second build page under App Store provisioning profile.

My build was successful after following both of these steps.

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