IOS build failed every-time

@Cecilia I have generated a new provisioning profile and requested a new build but it is taking forever now. It has been more than 4 hours the build is still in queue. Please help. Thanks

Please help me. It is urgent

it has been more than two days the build is still in queue. please help

Please upvote my bug report to bring it to their attention App builds queueing indefinitely. | Voters | AppGyver

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I will do it now. thanks a lot

Hey! Build service is working now, here’s a thread with more info

@Cecilia my builds are still in the queue. How long it could take more to give me some results?

The notice says that we cannot know how long the builds will take.

okay thanks, Is it possible that after a long time my build would fail due to an error in the build configuration or something like that, or is that check has already been passed by the build?

@Cecilia my build just got failed with the same error
Codesign Error: ‘0 valid identities found. You might have generated a new certificate in the Apple Developer Center, but you have not generated a new provisioning profile which matches the new certificate. Please generate and upload a new provisioning profile, then request a new build.

I have rechecked everything and everything seems to be fine. Please help me with this. Thanks

I had a similar error code and followed all the instructions on the provided website, now I also have build stamps on the app that say “queued” and “created” but I don’t see it in the app store (for apple where we’re trying to launch) and I’m at a loss for what is going on in general. Please help!

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I have not gotten there yet since my app won’t build. But Apple has a Transporter program for the mac where you drag and drop the built app from AppGyver.

Make sure you read the documentation. The distribution profile must be created with a P12 certificate.

Good morning and thank you for replying so quickly. I have followed your instructions to the “t” and have read the 2 Calvium
explanations of the process. I have used the same password as the .p12 file every time. And still the same error message.
I have included screenshots of every step in the process, with timestamps, if that helps. I feel it is higher up in the system
somewhere. Any ideas??


ps. unfortunately the email file size was too large on my 1st email attempt. If you think the screenshots will help I have a file folder of my
every step.

I have a problem to build for iOS too. I have been updating my app and the publication was fine and my app is live on Apple Store. But all of a sudden the build keeps on failing. I think I’ve tried publishing it for 10 times already.

Publishing using Android / Web App was fine. The only problem is with the iOS

I suppose misery loves company. Sorry you are suffering also, I couldn’t figure out why I was the only one. It must be something about the
way my mac is set up because I am following the instructions to the letter. It just keeps saying ‘0 valid entities found’. That can’t be good. I don’t
even know where it is looking. I have emailed appgyver but have only received a patt answer with all the same info I am already following. So
I am giving up and changing platforms if this can’t be resolved soon.


I found what was wrong from the log report they provided to our email and successfully publish the app. Maybe you could give it a try.

In my case the app ID that I set in provisioning profile differed as compared to the one I set in the bundle ID. Previously it was fine, but I guess they upgraded the system to ensure that the two matches

Thanks so much, as far as I know I have them matching but I will give it another look. Right now I
am trying to dig into the .p12 file, certificate and the provisioning profile to see how they are disagreeing.


This may sound weird, but do you guys use MacBook to upload the files?

If yes try using windows to upload the files. For some reason I had also been facing the same error code when I was using the MacBook. And it was finally solved after I set all the build configure using windows.

Yes I think it’s something like that. I am on iMac and am next going to try my MacBook Air. I don’t have a current windows PC but now that you mention it, it would be interesting to plug in my 11 year old pc and it a whirl. I am also thinking of deleting my account and starting again. But that takes 14 days. Perhaps I could do with a break and start growing my hair back again.