IOS build failed

your build for application ToDo ended up failing.

Correct any errors in application build settings and try building again.

Any ideas

Make sure your Bundle Identifier did not get reset in the Bundle Settings

Am new to this can u point me to where I can see that.

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Where you Build your IOS app…

so should look like your screen capture?

No that’s what it looks like for My App. Your App settings will be different. You just need to make sure that what it says in the “Bundle identifier” matches what your certificates were created from.

yes it is but still getting the error. see below error


Version: 2.4.35
Status: error
Message: Codesign Error: ‘0 valid identities found’. You might have generated a new certificate in the Apple Developer Center, but you have not generated a new provisioning profile which matches the new certificate. Please generate and upload a new provisioning profile, then request a new build.

just realized i don’t have APP store provisioning file as you have on your’s

how do i get this?

like i said am new to all things so don’t so please bar with me. Is there a video i can take a look at for walk through about deploying the app

Here How to make a p12 file for iOS: 2020 Update - Calvium

do i have to do this if am just building the app for my self just to try. i do not not have mac

Yes you cant build the app without it

ok thanks. does the android also has such limitation?

You havevto create a Keystore file for Android