iOS build fails "incorrect certificate, should be a distribution certificate", app 169788

I’m trying to build my app for the first time, and it’s failing on both iOS and Android (ugh.) Let’s start with iOS:

I followed the instructions here: but I still get the build error “Message: Detected incorrect certificate, should be a distribution certificate! Cert was: 0 valid identities found”.

What can I do from here? I’ve tried the process of creating the cert twice now, with no luck.

Make sure your certificate is a .p12 file and not the .cer you genereated. To make the
P12 file you need to double click on the
Cer file to add it to your key chain. Once in the key chain find it snd right click on it to export to .p12. Upload the .p12 to appgyver

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Should this go into the “provisioning profile” field or the “distribution certificate” field? Just a little bit of documentation in the interface here would go a long ways.

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Distribution certificate

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So you should have 2 files : a distribution certificate with a .p12 extension
And provision profile with a .mobileprovision extension.

@Mevi it would be wonderful if all of John´s helpful info was actually in the documentation.

I can´t believe how brief they are, and that they don´t make clear what files are even required at each stage.

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@Phil_Evans this information is available in the documentation, but I do agree that it would be helpful to underline the correct file formats in the build service UI as well :thinking:

But I’ll try to emphasize this info in the documentation further and ask about adding the file endings to build service as well, just to make it easier to understand.

Thanks for the link - I somehow hadn´t seen that section. It is indeed comprehensive.

One catch I found is that I don´t have a Mac … this makes iOS builds a lot trickier. I have subscribed to a cloud mac service.

Yep, unfortunately that’s a limitation from Apple’s side, not ours :confused: I thought you’d be able to get the necessary tools for creating certificates also on Windows, but I’m not sure :thinking:

No problem - just something that surprised me and another $15 a month, though I can drop that to $10 a month once I´m finished with the initial wave of development.

It seems like a reasonable deal and service is good so far.

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