IOS build stuck in queued status

My IOS builds are stuck in queued status. I have tried building on all versions of IOS. Android works fine.

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iOS builds for me also stay in queued status for much longer, and sometimes give an error. Sometimes the build comes out after a long time without an error and when it doesn’t I just create a new build an eventually it works. I think this is a problem with build service. Here is a similar thread:

Ive now made 5 builds and they are all hanging and I cant delete them or make new ones. A bit stuck.

How long has it been since you made the first one?

I am having the same problem. I’ve generated several success iOS builds in the past, but the builds I submitted yesterday were queued all night. No problem with Andriod.

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It has been 24 hrs roughly

Please upvote the issue so we can get the Appgyver team to look at it.

It usually takes about 30 min for my app to build.

Wow, the longest mine has taken is about 8 hours before I got an error message

Also stuck for me on iOS (Android is fine)

Getting the same issue with iOS for me. Have tried multiple times with different versions and they’re all stuck on queued.

Yeah, I`m still waiting in queued. Pretty much stuck.