iOS Build Unknown Error


I’ve been trying to build an iOS app but it keeps saying:

Status: error
Message: Unknown error, contact support for more details.

Build 339705

Please can you assist and let me know what I am doing wrong? Have I been trying to figure it out to no avail?

Same here, nothing was changed in app, but iOS build failed with unknown error and no log file was provided. Both on runtime version 2.10.2 and 2.12.2. Android build was successfully completed.


so @John_Imperial your app id was 339705 and you did not receive an error log to your email? @Petr can I get your app id as well?

Hey Cecilia, thanks for the answer, app id is 251848 and build id is 354076.

Hi Cecilia, yes:

thanks @Petr !

@John_Imperial I can’t open that file, if you scroll through it are you able to see an error point with maybe more info about what’s causing the fail? Or paste a section here if you see something about build fail or error.

177176-error.log (672.3 KB)

The log contains this bit:

Provisioning profile “betapastoralspiritualcare” has app ID “com.betapastoralspiritualcare.*”, which does not match the bundle ID “compastoralspiritualcare.myapp”

Have you checked that the Bundle Identifier in your build settings matches with the one in your App Store Connect app info?

Checking now and re- distributing the app now. Which version Client runtime 2.10.2 or 2.12.2?

Whichever really, but maybe start with 2.12.2. If it doesn’t work, then you can try 2.10.2.

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unknown error when I did 2.12.2
AppGyver - Composer Pro.

Hi Cecilia, Still having the same problem.
Status: error
Message: Unknown error, contact support for more details.

I can confirm, still have this trouble and can’t build iOS version du to unknown error, no logs provided.

Same problem here! I can’t build iOS version du to unknown error. No log !!! Please help!


There is an issue with the error log not arriving in your emails, we’re working on resolving it now so you can get more info about what is causing the build to fail. Sorry for the wait and thanks for your patience!

@John_Imperial and @Petr , we checked your build error logs and both seem to be missing the GoogleService-Info.plist file from your build settings. This is needed if your app is connected to Firebase, and here’s some instructions on the matter .

@Pozzer_Cristian could you have the same error, are you using Firebase and missing the plist file from your build settings? If not, please provide your app id so we can check it out!

Cecilia, thank you for the reply, first of all, I don’t have any Firebase connectors in the app, but to be on the safe side I have added GoogleServis-Info.plist on the second attempt following with the same result. :frowning:

Hmm! The plist file is needed if there are any Firebase related plugins installed in your app (seen in the build settings), even though you’re not actually using Firebase flows in your app. But if it still failed, that’s odd. We are now working on another bug that is causing builds to fail without a reason, this could maybe be related to that. It should be fixed soon!

Hi Cecilia, Thanks. I’ll try it out.

@Cecilia I’m also encountering the unknown error, can you help me investigate why my ios build is failing?

App ID: 274666
I believe the build id that failed with unknown error: 178459

Build 339705

Hi Cecilia, still having the same issue error.