IOS building error

Hi everyone! I want to update my app in App Store, i updated my image asstes in iOS building settings. But i have this error: Message: Unknown error, contact support for more details.

My app id: 190519.

Could anyone help?

Hi! Your error looks like this:

Execution failed for task ':app:processReleaseGoogleServices'.
> No matching client found for package name ''

Which would mean the package name in the google services json doesn’t match the package name you selected in Composer. :slight_smile:

Could you suggest where I can attach the google services json file in iOS Build Settings?

Could anyone help to solve this problem?

Hi! Your google-services.json looks to be alright. Now you should be able to get the error logs as well in the email when your build fails – what error are you getting on iOS?

156947-error.log (445.8 KB)

I have this error file…

Hi! The errors from that file are as follows:

error: Provisioning profile “dagentapptestprovisioningprofile” has app ID “com.dagent.*”, which does not match the bundle ID “”.
error: Provisioning profile “dagentapptestprovisioningprofile” doesn’t support the Push Notifications capability.
error: Provisioning profile “dagentapptestprovisioningprofile” doesn’t include the aps-environment entitlement.

You need to create a provisioning profile that has these things enabled and matches the correct bundle ID.