IOS Builds stalling in Queue, then Error

2 out of 2 Android Builds have completed, but 0 out of 2 IOS Builds have not and still in Queue since this morning. Just wondering if somethings up with the IOS build server.

And it returned an error finally after 6 hours:

Version: 2.4.33
Status: error
Message: Unknown error, contact support for more details.

And there was no Build Log in the email. All it says is:
Correct any errors in application build settings and try building again.

Is this something that changed with the certificates??? Because I had generated my IOS certificates before January 26 and they were building fine here with previous runtime versions. Do I need to create new certificates?

Hi! I’m new in iOS. Could you prompt how to get iOS Distribution Certificate password?

This was solved here I believe.