IOS clock overlay color

Hello. My app has the standard white background. When my iPhone is in dark mode the usually white click and WiFi displays at the top turn black against the white background when testing through the preview app. However the built iOS app isn’t causing the colors to switch. It is giving me a white time display against a white background. How can I fix this?

Here it is in the preview app:

Here it is from the iOS native app:


This is an option that should be brought to the Buildservice. So nothing we can do at this instant.

Ok. Thanks

I also don’t see any way to be able to tell if the device is in “Dark Mode”. Is that correct or an I missing something?

This is something that’s still missing – I think we could possibly make a system variable that would tell whether or not dark mode is on. You could request this on our feature tracker, but I also think it might get included by the time we make our theme editor better :thinking:

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