iOS encryption - compliance

If you want to submit a build in the iOS App Store, you need to specify what kind of encryption you are using in the app. As soon as the app does HTTPs calls, I guess you need to tick that you are using encryption. For the rest of the questions (what kind of encryption is it) it would be great to get the AppGyver guidance on what should be ticked based on the AppGyver internals.
Would you be able to provide this info?
(it is mainly about “does the app use other standard encryption methods besides the Apple built-in methods”)

Thanks and best,

Yep! That’s correct, when you do HTTPS you have to tick the encryption box. However these are allowed under the exceptions that Apple allows, so unless you have something else going on, you can mark it that way :slight_smile:

I’ve always checked ‘No’ to that, but I guess I should if my HTTP Requests all go to HTTPS addresses. They’ve never said anything to me about Not checking that before though.

I don’t believe they check that except occasionally, but since it’s required to provide correct data, it would be grounds for removal from app store, probably :sweat_smile: