IOS Firebase file upload failing

I am trying to upload images to firebase with the in-built appgyver workflows and get an undefined error on testflight & appgyver preview on IOS. I can upload fine on web previewer and have checked the IOS config and everything seems fine.

I am passing on the outputs from Pick Image From Library flow function to Firebase Upload Files flow function and noticed the following differences:

  • created at was defined for the image from the web previewer but not on IOS
  • path on web previewer starts with blob:… and on IOS file:///var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/…

The authentication is the same and seems to be fine, and I have checked my firebase config for IOS on the firebase console.

I think it may have something to do with accessing files on my phone, as I’ve had issues saving persistedUser data (auth token for log in session) and retrieving it.

Anyone have any suggestions or faced a similar issue?

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Same issue here, have you found out a way to fix this? Thanks!

I’ve searched everywhere but I just can’t find the solution… maybe try to setup firebase as REST API ?