iOS nav bar UI is broken

Hi there. First, let me say how happy my team and I are with AppGyver. We were trying to build with Expo + React Native previously, and it took a very long time to build even very simple features (we have no mobile dev experience). With AppGyver, we are nearly to v1.0 in far less time. The app builder UI consistently impresses us with how easy and intuitive things are.

We do currently have a release-blocking issue which we need help addressing. On iOS, next to the back arrow it has the text “m-page.Page1” (see screenshot). No issue on Android. Also, on iOS the darker brown of the nav bar extends too low and there is a weird white line. See the Android screenshot below for how we’d like it to look.

Thanks in advance for your help!

iOS (bad):

Android (good):

If you don´t find an easy solution then just skip the navigation and build it yourself.

Navigation is really just a container with a different z index and a few replace page links.