iOS profiles / certificates: provisioning profile doesn't include signing certificate

I’m freaking out right now with certificates… everything worked 3 month ago but now everything is shht again.
Renewed all certificates… followed the video tutorial… buil like 30 times… always the same error…

No signing certificate “iOS Distribution” found: No “iOS Distribution” signing certificate matching team ID “XXX” with a private key was found.

What is wrong in the video? IOS Builds

it worked with the tutorial which was on that site before… any hints?

Same Problems here. Since 3 Days…

This appears to be the same issue as here: iOS Build Error since 3 days

I recommend upvoting that one, the more votes the quicker the support team will realize it’s a serious issues affecting a lot of people.

I‘m already moving to a paid solution.

I would pay here too with better support and reliable services… but that’s not possible :frowning: