IOS Push Notification Firebase

Has anyone was able to do push notifications on IOS using Firebase?
Is there any video tutorial or some detailed explanation about how to make it working?


Can you please send me the steps how to do it?

This is how I did it. Firebase is now sending notifications to both Android and Apple phones.

The way to set it up is very close to how you set up notifications for Android. I used the latest build but I don’t have any user account/login etc. in my app so not sure if that will affect the set up.

  1. Add a new app to your project in Firebase selecting IOS.

  2. Fill in the details to register the app. Download the Googleservice-info.plist.

  3. Continue ( next ), add Firebase SDK and initialisation code (both didn’t require any changes made to them). Then your basic is set up.

  4. In Cloud Messaging (under Project Settings ) you need to add a APNs Authentication Key (.p8 file), that you need to create in your Apple Developer account.

  5. Go to your Apple Developer Account, select Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles . Select Keys and add a new key. Fill you key name and select Apple Push Notifications service (APNs) and register.

  6. Download your key and note the key ID ( you need this)

  7. Add APN Key (.p8) file to Firebase with your key ID and team ID

  8. In Appgyver: Check that the HTTP request method in your app is set to post and that the URL is .

  9. Add your Googleservice-info.plist document to your Appgyver Build settings under Advance and the build your app using 2.8.33 and upload your app.

  10. After this you can go to Firebase Cloud Messaging, make a new notification and make sure you select the right app and that your app allows notifications.

I hope this helps.
I also added a Apple Push Services certificate but I don’t know if you actually need to :thinking:


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Hey Dan, how to make user subscribe to the push notifications with device token ? Or this will send it to everyone using the app?

Here is an example of a HTTP POST request URL to Subscribe to a topic:

"" + appVars.APP_User.DeviceToken + "/rel/topics/" + appVars.APP_TopicName