IOS push notifications - "Invalid token" during post firebase subscription

Hi guys,

I’m trying to use firebase in order to send some push notifications to my application, the app runs on Android and also IOS.

This is what i’m doing in my composer flow:

Basically nothing so much different like shown in this forum topic.

This is my post request detail:

Now, in my android apps this works without any issue, but using the id generated for IOS devices (from node function “get device token”) the http response from firebase server is 400 - “InvalidToken”.

I’ve also tried to substitute the “get device token” with the “get device token (firebase)” but nothing changes.

As additional info, i’ve uploaded the .p8 certificate to FCM console and the app is tested using the build uploaded to testflight.

Please guys, give us some help, push notifications are essential for apps!

Anyone can help me? please give us a feedback!