Iphone only IOS app (not iPad) / how to access info.plist?

Is there a way to make an app that’s only for iPhone, not iPhone+iPad? This setting lives in the info.plist, but in the AppGyver build settings I don’t see any way to access this or choose the device. I’ve tried opening up the built .ipa, editing the info.plist, then re-compressing as a .ipa, but my distribution signature gets invalidated by this and I’m having trouble resigning it.
Is there any way to do this?


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Please forgive me if what I’m about to say is completely wrong, but I speak from experience based on what little I know so far.

I don’t use the IOS platform yet, so I can’t say whether or not it’s correct for both platforms…

When I first put my first app on the Google store, I realized that there is a setting in the store that we can make to allow or not allow our app to run on certain devices.

It seems to me to be a configuration available in the store, where we can prevent the application from being used by this or that specific device.

So, I don’t know if in the Apple store there is such a configuration and, as I said at the beginning, forgive me if what I’m talking about seems to be completely wrong and far from what you want to do.

Another thing that I noticed inside AppyGyver and that maybe it can be used in what you want:

The function [[ systemVars.formFactor ]] offers some returns, among them “phone” and “tablet”…

Could it be that with the use of a conditional [[ IF ]], would you get what you want?

My knowledge of AppGyver is very recent. I just started in October of last year and I have a lot to learn.

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Thanks for the reply!
I’m on the other side having not tried Google yet, but sounds like they put the setting in the store whereas Apple puts it in the build settings. I don’t believe Apple lets you set this in the store itself, unfortunately seems like it has to be done prior to uploading.

Interesting about the function, I hadn’t seen that before (also new to AppGyver like yourself), however I think it’s a bit different from what I need. That seems to let you set conditionals within the app based on the user’s device, whereas I need to edit the build settings. It’s a settings called ‘UIDeviceFamily’ in the info.plist I believe. I need its value to be 1 instead of 1 and 2, AppGyver seems to default to 1 and 2 (2=iPad). I don’t think this is something to change during app use with a function, rather needs to be in the build settings before I upload to the app store.

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@S_B I haven’t heard of an option to prevent usage in iPad I’m afraid :thinking: With @Leo_Sussuarana’s suggestion you could make it so that access to your app is blocked on iPad, but not sure if Apple will then approve your app for App Store if it “claims” in plist to be iPad compatible but then isn’t. You could add a feature request for this, if there isn’t one already.