Is AppGyver down?

I experience problem to log on again after site went down on me. Anyone experience the same?

Edit: if you bother to read this message perhaps you can confirm if it is down for you too.

Hi Zlatan,

seems like the issue has been already resolved. You can always find such an info here: AppGyver Status - Incident History

Thank you for reply but the issue is not in the September status report. I have the same problem trying to log in as I had an hour ago.

Kind regards

What exactly are you trying to access? If so, please, try to log in from different networks (for example LTE) as it seems a local issue rather than issue on the Appgyver’s side.

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I could log in again, ten minutes ago. Yes, the platform.

Thank you.

Is this problem something that would effect an app that is live?

That is something only a Appgyver member would answer I think. However, I believe that it should be separated issue nad should not affect the live app, but again, that’s just me guessing. :slight_smile:

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I actually thought you were one from AppGyver, you sounded so professional.

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