Is AppGyver good for a building an MVP to learn words in foreign language?

Hi All - I am new to AppGyver. I have no coding experience but am skilled at Excel/Powerpoint/Wix. I am looking for a no-code platform to build an MVP for Android app store. The App will focus on learning the first 100 words of a foreign language. The App will be have a learning section with lists of words in ‘chunks’ of 10 at a time - ideally with audio and images of the words. Then there will be a basic ‘quiz’ type structure where you can test your knowledge. It will give encouragement / feedback / ‘points’ or shift the user through levels (eg silver, diamond) for those who are doing well. Is AppGuyver a good app fir this? I am happy to spend a couple of weeks learning and then a few weeks building… Any advice would be appreciated? Thanks. Ant

Hi! Sorry for the delayed answer. Nothing about what you’ve envisioned sounds like you would not be able to do it with AppGyver, but there’s a lot of complexity in what you’re describing, so it’s a lot of work of course :slight_smile: