Is AppGyver stable enough for me to build a simple product on it?

I started using AppGyver on Wednesday, and so far, I am loving it. However, I got a comment from someone who has used it before that it’s “not quite production-ready.”

I need a simple user interface for a SQL database we’ve built out with our own RESTful API.

If I use AppGyver to build my apps (web and native for Android and iOS), what kind of issues am I likely to encounter over the coming month or two?

I can tell the AppGyver team is working hard and building a fantastic product, so I completely understand if there are bugs being worked out and I need to come back in six months or a year. I just need to know whether I’m likely to tank my startup by relying on it right now, or if it’s able to support basic functionality (fingers crossed)

IMO absolutely. The company according to LinkedIn has been around since 2010. AppGyver has Fortune 500 clients. They says a ton to me. I only found AppGyver b/c after picking Boundless Labs as my platform, I started reading that forum and then realized Boundless Labs was close to falling apart. So while I liked tons about that product I thought it was too risky.

It looks to me that Composer Pro is a new consumer product but that AppGyver isn’t new or a startup. And the quality of the platform is bar none top notch. You can never be sure. But I found them and ultimately choose them to build my startup on here b/c of the very concern you are asking about.

It looks like they have just received a round of funding. They have a decent following on Linkedin and good following on Twitter compared to other no code platforms.

They have engaged responses on the forum from at least 1 employee.

All the things I could think of to be cautious about in picking them gave them confidence. The only issue I have is the $0 pricing. I want to pay to host my product somewhere so I know exactly what I am receiving. But I can easily deal with that one. I mean free, really. I hope this is the last app building software I have to learn for a few years or more. That’s my take. I’ve been working for and with startups since 1999.


Coming from the Chief Product Officer you can take my words with a grain of salt, but absolutely. As Carri mentioned, we’ve been around since 2010 and Composer has been evolving since 2014, with the current React Native based runtime and Composer Pro having been in the works for around 3 years now. There’s many mission-critical apps running in production that have been built with AppGyver – a showcase of some of them can be found in the video on the frontpage of

Your scenario definitely seems doable. Let us know here on the forums if you run into any issues!

@Carri_Craver & @Harri_Sarsa, thanks for the input!