Is appgyver the right choice?

Hi there, I wondering if any body has built an app and now is in the production phase, could you please share your experience regarding the performance, speed, native functionality and scalability.
Please specify the complicity level of your app whether it is simple or complex, and how long does your app been published ?

And I have a couple of questions as well.

First here is my project brief

The project is simply a kids Dismissal app that secures the daily dismissal process in the schools.
I need to make a Native ios/android for the users (parents) and a web app as a dashboard for the school’s admin.

  1. Does it really good for production phase or just mvp.

  2. Does the workflows has limitations or not, and i see many people in the forum says that many bugs happens while they did the workflows in the right way.

  3. What if i chose to run my app with both of appgyver for the UI and bubble for the backend and workflows is that a good approach ?

  4. How about the capabilities and users if i have 100,000+ users to handle.

  5. Is firebase a good option or should i go with Xano or Backendless since my coding background is not very strong.

Thanks in advance

Hi @mourad_gamal even though this post is from a while ago and I’m sure you’ve already settled on your backend, I felt the need to provide some insights here.

I think all three backend options are excellent choices. With Firebase you may need some more technical/coding knowledge especially when it comes to spinning up APIs since Firebase is primarily just a database. Xano can definitely provide an entire backend that you can use and develop without knowing code and we have lots of tutorials and resources to get you started :slight_smile: