Is Appgyver web hosting permanent?

I have a small companion piece of my mobile app that requires web hosting. So, I have been researching hosting services. But then I realized that appgyver already is hosting my build.

So, is appgyver hosting service intended to be temporary? Or, is it ok for me to just use it for my companion web component?

I use Firebase hosting. Its free, and you can publish to more unique domain names like:
[your app name] Getting it set up isnt too difficult, just follow the Firebase docs.

* is not going anywhere, as far as I am aware. Feel free to use it!

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Thanks. I have my own domain name. Can I use that with firebase?

Yes you can connect your domain to Firebase.

OK, thanks. I am going to work on the setup. For now, I just have my domain name redirecting the site. Really nice to have that option.

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