Is below set of requirements will Appgyver support...?

  1. Hosting:
    Q: Can we host the UI as part of our service ? What we are looking for a tool which can generate a schema. and if there is a SDK/package which will be included in our main website. should be able to import the schema which is created earlier.
    appGyver serves as a standalone application, is it possible to use as a webapp ?

  2. Licensing:
    For standalone deployment, what would licensing plan be? Is the license plan per user/per instance ? Is there any option of developer license ?
    How would the license be enforced? We are looking for a standalone deployment and the system where appGyver deployed will not have any internet access. can you confirm if internet access is required?

  3. Is there any Localization support ?

  4. Authentication:
    Can we completely customize the user management /access control ?can we completely use our own auth services for logging in into the UI screen and use the same token that we got as a part of API requests ?