Is Cloud Storage a NoSQL Database?

As a relational db developer, the object has always be something called a “normalized” database. That’s where data is not unnecessarily duplicated. It’s especially useful in that a change in one field, is immediately reflected in other dependent fields. But scaling has always been problematic.

Now with the cost of storage and bandwidth being so low, the new paradigm is NoSQL, which supposedly makes scaling very easy. To be honest, I’ve yet really understand it’s many capabilities and limitations.

Working with the Data Configurator of Composer, I was pleasantly surprised to see a full array of data types. 18 in total. Plus 8 Reference types and 4 Complex types, which included Objects. Then under the Title property, I found a little gear icon, which opened a menu with Union Types, which I gather is used for linking Data Resources, (tables). Also, someplace else, I noticed settings for one-to-many and many-to-one. These ALL being elements of a relational database. So I thought this was a relational database.

Looks like you’ve taken all the complexity of NoSQL and made this easily accessible to programmers and non-programmers alike.

The underlying DB is MongoDB, which is NoSQL, so you can pass MongoDB queries via the query property.

The union types have to do with schema in Composer side, e.g. a field accepting both strings AND numbers – we don’t currently provide a nice way to link tables together on the query level, unfortunately.