Is CRUD on another data variable possible on component Tap event of a repeating list?

I’ve a typical social media use case where the user’s may post something and another user may like that post. I’ve 2 data variables bound to 2 different data sources.

  1. posts - the data variable that is bound to the repeat container
  2. likes - user and postId map to be captured on each like event

Now I’ve a like button in the repeating container. On component Tap on that button, I’m trying to do some CRUD operation on the likes data variable.

This is where I’m getting stuck. The Create and Delete Record flow functions are throwing alerts (attached to fail paths). I’ve used Create and Delete Record successfully before but not from inside of a repeating component.

Can anyone enlighten me on this behavior? Or its a known limitation of the platform? Do I need to capture the changes in an object and take the CRUDs outside repeat container (page mount)?