Is data transmission with AirTable and other APIs secure on AppGyver?

I’m debating between AppGyver and Bubble (plus other mobile app no-code solutions) and I want to use AirTable and Zapier as part of my build. On Bubble, I know that security of data transmission between the app and the API of third parties like AirTable is satisfactorily addressed with the solution without needing to build additional middleware.

However, I saw this on AppGyver’s website regarding the lack of pre-built security and the need to build middleware to secure the data transmission with AirTable and other such third party APIs (see attachment).

Is my understanding correct that I need to build a middleware to have secure data transmission with AirTable and other third party APIs? How much extra work is it to do that, if at all?


It depends.

The first question is whether you are sending data over HTTPS and not HTTP.

The second is whether that data is encoded in any way.

The third is whether the data, if encoded, is encoded such that it’s not readable unless the correct key is used (with a key that is not known to anyone/any service other than those who should be able to read the data).

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