Is 'Dismiss Initial View' not working?

My app was running great, now when logging in it just goes to a blank screen and I can’t swipe left to get back to the Appgyver Apps screen.

It was running great. I’ve been saving and relogging in just fine over the last hour as I’m building. It just started doing this all of a sudden. I haven’t touching anything login related.

Hi Chris, sorry to hear! Are you still experiencing this issue? What’s your app ID?

Hey Mari, this bug was resolved by the AG team. Thanks!

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Can you check for my ID, 207689?

Dismissed Initial view does not working in my log in page. It does not open my dashboard page. I set my dashboard page as my start page.

I am using appgyver preview on IOS.

This initial view working fine on my desktop but malfunction in iphone.