Is inline Video / Webview possible?

Is there a way to have an inline video or webview/browser/iframe? If not, my vote would be to add inline webview first as that opens up many more possibilities than just video. After an hour or 2 of playing and reading it doesn’t seem possible :frowning:

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There’s already a WebView component that I hope to make publically available soon! You can post the inline video feature request at – we’re monitoring community upvotes to influence our backlog.

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If I can load a video in webview and pass dynamic data to it I don’t think I’d need a video player. Adalo allows this and I use cloudinary within webview. Works well. This feature is essential to nearly all apps I work on. Can’t wait for the release of this component! Thank you.

If you search for “WebView” in the Marketplace now, you’ll be able to install the component (direct share token Ayql59c96LKHkV8g-sruhg). Let me know if you run into any issues!


Found it, installed it. Been playing with it for about an hour. I can’t get anything to load in the webview component. I’ve tried several urls and html content. Nothing in devtools console stands out to me. I’ve done some text searches in “view source” and in devtools elements and scripts panel and can’t find the content I’ve added inside appgyver. What am I doing wrong?

Also I couldn’t locate component by searching “webview”. I had to paste in the token.

Hm, weird – I tested with URL and it loaded fine (though weirdly opened all the gifs on the page as fullscreen videos; need to look into that). I did test on iOS only – which platform are you working on?

Ah ok I was only testing on web. It works on iOS but I experienced the same thing with videos defaulting and only playing in fullscreen.

So for web we need an inline iframe component? I assumed webview would be more crossplatform friendly. Again it just works in Adalo as an iframe.

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We’re still playing catch-up with some of the components for web, but working hard to get everything in line and equivalent on the platforms. Sorry for the confusion. Rendering the WebView component as just an iFrame is obviously very straightforward, though we want to also make sure the properties/events are as equivalent across platforms as possible. Will ping you here when we have WebView support on web too!

Can I get a ping as well when the fullscreen issue is resolved on mobile as well pretty please??? Or better yet can I follow the progress somewhere? Thank you for your responses!

Created a ticket for this!

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any updates here? planned fix? please thanks.

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This will be fixed in the next runtime release, should be out this week (depending on Apple review process)!

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I’m assuming the fix is for the fullscreen issue. Will the fix also include webview/iframe for web?

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Not yet for the web, sorry!