Is it a good platform to start with for a non technical background?

I have learned to build websites using drag and drop process. I don’t have knowledge about coding. While doing some research I got to know about AppGyver. Is this platform similar to wordpress? I mean like we can build site using tools in wordpress even if we don’t know to code. So does this platform do the same for building apps? I’m just curious.

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Hi and welcome to the community! I suggest you check out these quick onboarding videos to understand how the platform works:


My personal feeling is its far from the easiest but close to the most flexible.

If you have written a few excel macros, done a bit of coding here and there then its great.

While there are guides to tell you how to do a few things, they don’t tell you how to plan your app, which info needs to be an app variable, which is a page one, when to use a database.

As a first step go through ALL (the whole lot) of the tutorials. If they are all fairly easy to understand then you will do fine. If they seem a bit tough, then its probably not a good fit, as the reality is tougher than the tutorials.


I just started a couple of weeks ago with Appgyver. I don’t know other platforms and I am certainly not a programmer. For me Appgyver works easy until you come to the point working with data. There’s a lot of formula use. If you know how to work with Excel than formulas are not that hard.

My suggestion is to take a look at the video’s and start building the app/functionality from that video’s. Then decide for yourself.

I loved to watch the Tyler Talks on Youtube: Appgyver Tutorials - YouTube


I too come from a drag and drop website background - the concepts in App development are very different, but by going through the tuts and asking questions here on the forum, it’s not a huge mountain to climb. Good luck!


I will definitely give a try then. It will be a good start to learn something new.