Is it a way to integrate Qonversion SDK?

I want to use it to make a subscription monetization in my app

Is it another way to do this? Thanks

Lots written about plugins in the forum. Have a search and read.

Very useful, thanks

Show me at least one useful topic for my question here, or you think i didnt search?


Unfortunately here is no solution for in-app purchases / subscriptions at the moment except Stripe for some cases. :confused: Please upvote this tracker feature request: Support in-app purchases | Voters | AppGyver

Instructions for Stripe:

I´m pretty sure asking people to upvote this one just convinces them that nothing is ever done … 190+ votes over 2 years? As none of the other developments are anywhere near that number, what chance do they have?

I understand the frustration. We have been tight for resources for a long time, so our chances of focusing on the preferred features of the community have been low. This situation is going to change as the amount of resources we have grows, at which point we will be looking at the most requested features and going for those first.