Is it normal for the Preview to constantly poll my backend database?

I have used both and the MacOS Preview app.

I first noticed this when I changed some data in my backend and both Preview windows ALMOST INSTANTLY refreshed with current data from the database. Odd, I thought.

Then using the chrome Inspector, I notice that AT LEAST once per second, it is hitting this: Fetch finished loading: GET “”.

Thats ok, thats not my server.
But then around every 5 secs its making an API call to my service.

Is this just something the preview windows do?
I’d hate to think that in production, this activity would be happening by all connected users.
Have not published anything yet, so I can’t tell.

Anything I need to be concerned about?

This is likely due to the default flow on your data variable that is connected to your REST API data resource.

On the page in question, open up your data variables, click on the one that you are seeing updating, and open the logic section. If you never edited the default flow, it will be doing a GET every 5 seconds to keep your variable up to date:

I usually dismantle this endless loop to prevent this behavior.

Thanks! Been a long time since I went thru @steve sada’s tutorials and forgot about that.

So now its only hitting their server every second.
Is this just a preview thing?

Hi @jaymer_jaymer the polling is just for the preview, it checks for saves in the app and updates the preview if it detects any.

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