Is it possible and how to do an IF( argument1 and argument2, true, false) function?


I am trying to check 2 values and if they are true, a text or a different value will be changed. Both of them need to be true in order to continue, but I couldn’t find a way to integrate both of them into one parameter. Please help me with this, it would be really useful!

You can either use nested IF() formulas like this:

IF(condition1, IF(condition2, true, false), false)

Or use the && like this:

IF(condition1&&condition2, true, false)

Thank you so much!!! Do you also know how can I use “or” instead of the “and” without having to write the function 2 times? (I am making a metric conversion app, and I couldn’t find a better way of detecting what the user wants to convert than just using if conditions and it takes a lot of space in those formulas, so I want to save some) What I mean is IF(argument1 or argument2, true, false). Thank you a lot again, this really helps!

The “OR” operator can be expressed with ||


Amazing, thanks a lot! Btw, is there a dictionary or documentation where I can find shortcuts and expressions and also their meaning?

Its just standard javascript operators. Here is a reference to them: