Is it possible? appgyver capabilities

I have a tool that extracts data via api’s into an excel database. the data is sent to a live feed in discord (essentially a view only restricted chat) via a webhook and the data is also separately aggregated into a excel database and dashboard (also posted in a view only discord channel), where we analyze the data and visualize certain metrics.

Currently, we have one dashboard as a total aggregate on the complete data set. But we would like to build a mobile/web app that would enable us to allow for user customization at the data set level without affecting other users, or the universal data, as well as stream line a tiered subscription model.

Essentially, we would like to enable multiple tiers of users, where the paid users are able to create a profile and then filter the global data set, with specific data they would like presented on their dashboard and live feed.

For example, if we were showing temperature (weather) data for all cities in the USA, the primary feed and dashboard would have every single city’s data point popping up in the live feed as new data hits the feed, as well as a dashboard that visually represents the total data set. If a user decides to open a paid account, and wants to isolate data for Chicago, New York and Miami, we would like to allow them to filter for this data and have a custom dashboard and feed that represents their choices, without it affecting other users’ selections/the global dashboard which would remain available via toggle on their account, as well as to free account holders, and non-account holders.

this tool is client/customer-facing, so, it’s important that user/profiles are not limited in number.

currently trying to find solutions for this, and wondering if this is possible with appgyver? if so, how?

also note, that the ultimate goal would be to publish these in ios and android with paid and free subscription models, representing 3 tiers. non-account holders (who should receive a limited version of data with a significant time delay, free account holders, who would receive a less limited version of data and no customization an a minimal time delay, and a paid user version with complete customization and real-time access to data stream and updates. Free versions would be ad supported.

Anybody? Whats the best way to get support?

Hello there,

First of all this thread was opened during the weekend, so no wonder the response time is slower (the Team replies in working hours, and the community also takes some time to relax :wink: ).

In regards to the requirements, most of it is possible.
So far ads have not been possible to include into Appgyver-built apps. So this one is a major question for You, how strongly do You want to rely on the ads. Subscriptions can be implemented via Stripe (there are several threads for that even here on the Forums [search up for them]).

Building a dashboard based on different account types is just a matter of routing the logged-in user through some IF() statements to the specific dashboards and “downloading” specific subsets of data that is within the account limits with a few filtering conditions.

I mean even user authentication is pretty easy to do with the Firebase auth and it does have quite advantageous limits. Read here:

What will take most time in this project is to design the user-data you will save with how to save the user membership, settings etc (but with some experience this should also be pretty self explanatory)

I will not go into details “how to complete this project” as this one is Your project, but may provide support if any specific questions arise in the future.

*Please complete the tutorials, watch a few youtube tutorials about the platform and You may get a better answer to Your question…

Cheers and glad to see You here.

I appreciate the feedback. Thanks for responding!

Being able to monetize is pretty important. What kind of discussions have you seen regarding monetizing free versions without ad support? Have their been any workarounds to enable ad support?

Thanks mihaly.