Is it possible to access Component's properties via formula?


I am trying to build a custom component. The function would be to increment or decrease a value that is linked to the value of input field. You can see below the general idea.

I have noticed that I can set a component’s property to a value in the logic. I wanted to use formula to do something like:
component.value +1

I don’t a way to access component properties values in function builder though…

Any ideas?

(this can be obviously set up in logic outside of isolation mode using variables and functions there, but I was attempting to create a new component)

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This is a key feature coming up with our v2 of components, where you’ll be able to define “root level properties” that can be either outward-facing, inward-facing (i.e. private) or both, and these properties can then be used in formulas or as basis for repeats etc.

So, unfortunately not yet, but soon!


Hi @Greg_F & @Harri_Sarsa, Is it possible to do this :point_up_2: yet?

This is possible with the new runtime, which is in closed beta ATM. Drop me a private message if you want to get into the beta!

Hi @Harri_Sarsa Is this possible now?

Yes this is possible! Please see here for more info.