Is it possible to add advertisement to an app?

Hi, I am not in the B2B development but found appGyver a really powerfull tool, so I wanted to use it to create a learning app in an specific topic. but before doing it I want to be sure if I will be able to monetize it in some way, however I did not find any information about it in the documentation or here in the forum.

Is it possible to add advertisement or some kind of monetization method to an app created with appGyver?

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There’s no technical constraints – you’d use something like as the base tech to facilitate using Google AdMob, but this is currently not an integrated feature in Composer Pro.

We’re hoping to open up the ability for everyone to create custom React Native plugins, which would let someone with a bit of traditional coding knowledge to add this functionality.

In the meantime, monetization via ads is definitely something that we’d like to be able to provide – I created a Tracker issue so you can see how it’s going:

Hi there, quick question.
How would I integrate that “base tech” from the repository in the composer?
Thank You

What do you mean by “base tech” – not sure I understand the question?

I apologize for that, I was referring to your original answer where you said “base tech”. My question is: If I download those files from github, how would I implement them in composer?

That will require the custom 3rd party plugin feature – it’s unfortunately been delayed a lot longer than we hoped, but still coming up soon on the roadmap.