Is it possible to build a learning app with quizzes with AppGyver?

I just joined the platform. Although the platform seems great, I am trying to work out if it’s going to be right for my needs. I am trying to build a learning app. So students pay, login and access courses. Is something like that possible with AppGyver? Has anyone done one?

If yes, then would it be possible for me to add quizzes into my app either build using the platform or using third party embed codes?

Lastly, is it possible to embed Typeform quizzes and surveys into my app?

Thank you.



I built an app that contains quiz like components (eg. 4 options & input field). This works well.
What could be difficult is payment.
All backend-related topics like user management, quiz management backend,… is something you cannot do with AppGyver as AppGyver only does the frontend piece.
Typeform stuff is not possible I guess.


Hi Jo, thanks for replying to my question. That’s some good news. However, I am a little confused about what you wrote about payment. Is it not possible create a membership app using AppGyver where content is behind a paywall?

I don’t need people to pay for the individual quiz. However, I need text, video, quizzes etc to be behind a paywall. Let me know if you think it is possible?

Also, even if it’s possible, if not a platform that is “ideal” for this type of app then please let me know as you will save me a lot stress and heartache later.

BTW, I am also testing out Adalo which seems to be able to do most of what I need to do. However, AppGyver’s pedigree made me assume it may have more features and more possibilities. So, I am undecided.

Thank you again.

Also, one other thing. You made me think with the words front-end and back-end. I thought that since AppGyver had a built-in database, it could be all-in-one solution. That’s the main reason I have been keep to learn more.

So, how is the average AppGyver using the platform when it comes to “from-end” and “back-end”. So, if you are saying appgyver is the front end, what are people using as the back end then?

I realise for experts, these may be basic questions. I am just trying to understand. Thanks

@Mevi maybe you can help here on payment and Appgyver backend.

I am using a custom-built backend for my application. You could also use things like XANO (no code backend platform).

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Thank you Jo. I’ll do some research.

Hi! Currently payments are a bit tricky :confused: The easiest way to make money atm is to create a “lite” version and a paid version to be sold separately on app stores. Some users have luck using Stripe on the web version, if I recall correctly. And it’s always possible to have a separate service that handles buying outside of the app, it’s not as convenient.

We do, however, have plans for enabling third party plugins and more conveniently making features for in-app purchases, but these features haven’t been developed yet.

We do have a backend available (AppGyver Hobby database), but like it says we can’t guarantee production quality (although it most of the time is) and at the moment if you want more features into your backend like record level ACL, you will need a third-party backend.

Hi, I am trying to create an online course platform. Is it ok to do with Appgyver?