Is it possible to build a Videoplayer?

I want to embed the videos from Google Photos.
They should be displayed in a gallery view and then opened as modal and be played if you click on it.
There should be also a possibility to create playlists, so that some videos/audios are automatically played one after another.

And maybe (but i think it’s not possible) to autoplay them in the background if you go into another app.

Do you think that this is possible?
I already tried to embed a video from google photos with the webview component and that worked. (I used to create a html code for this.)
For the background playing (if it is possible) i have extra mp3 audio files for the music.
(And for the Videos themselves, do you think PiP could be also a feature what users can use?)

The WebView component and Open video flow functions are currently what’s available – we hope to get to the point in the backlog that reads “Inline video player component” soon, so stay tuned!

Hi @Harri_Sarsa, could you tell if there’s been any update regarding the ‘Inline Video player’ component ?