Is it possible to build a Videoplayer?

if we use light mode we can also pass a poster image. i will also try to install the react lazy loading package to try to speed up the actual loading of the page. we need to get that period of blank webview down to a minimum. you all are welcome to play with it on stackblitz

we could also implement dynamic resizing of the video element and the wrapper container, ratio , based on the info returned from the react media elements getWidth(), etc, callbacks. Even as of now, it looks way better because I have the playback speed, chrome cast, and other options disabled. Another thing we should implement is all the various attributes for all the different players from youtube, facebook, etc, and allow the passing of facebook app id, etc. Heck, we could even implement video monetization and control an ad server all within the params of the url. For example, say the owner of the appgyver app sets up an account and passes a parameter like “playad_first” or “playad_last” along with his/her api key. Our code could use those params to play and log the play to the account. We could even provide a dashboard for analytics. Just ideas.

we could even make a version with controls for swipe to next video and allow passing multiple urls

I myself couldn’t do much with it, but I’ll get my partner to look, much appreciated. And you were correct about the crashing!

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Those are pretty ambitious ideas.! I’m sure plenty of people here would be more than grateful for whatever you land on. Personally, I’m building the media backend on Azure, so analytics would be covered.

Hey just to update everyone I am in the process of building another video player with a custom adaptive bitrate streaming profile specifically for appgyver webviews. Cloudinary is helping me because they believe by using a handshake we can get the videos to play almost like a native player. I will paste link when ready to test.

Looking forward to your project. Do post an update when its ready.