Is It Possible To Build An On Demand Beauty Services App

Is It Possible To Build An On Demand Beauty Services App similar to StyleSeat?

Here is an overview of how a typical transaction could take place on the app:

Customer registration: Customers should be able to register in the app using not only contact number and email address but also social media accounts to provide convenience to them.

Browse Profiles: Customers can look through various profiles of the beauty professionals and choose the ones he/she thinks matches the requirements. This is similar to how one looks for a freelancer on Fiverr.

Engage With Potential Services Providers: At this stage the customer can reach out to the beautician and discuss specific needs regarding the type of service to be provided. This should be by way of in-app chat. The chat service should prohibit the sharing of phone numbers and email addresses. All communication between the customer and the beautician should happen inside the app.

Book Appointment and Make Payment: After going through the profiles and choosing the right one, the customer can make an appointment according to their preferred time. The customer is then taken to a checkout screen where they make payment. The beautician determines their prices for the various services that they provide. We make our money from the beautician and from the customer. We charge the beautician 5% of the transaction value and we charge the customer a flat R15 (South African Rands) on every transaction.

Order Fulfillment: After the price, date and time has been agreed upon and the customer makes payment, the beautician travels to the home or workplace of the customer to provide the service.

Rate & Review: After the service has been completed, customer will have an opportunity to rate and review the service provided by the beautician.

I would also like to have a web admin panel that will manage the relationship between the customers and the beauty professionals.

Would most (if not all) of the above features be possible with Appgyver?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.