Is it possible to connect google sheets to AppGyver apps?

Hey everyone! I’m wondering if I can get data out of a google sheet and send notifications to the app each time a new order is written into this sheet via a chatbot (I have a manychat’s chatbot that writtes the orders into this GS, and there’s a google sheet per restaurant), also the menu is written in this GS, so I’m looking forward to connect the app with this GS so it can communicates with my chatbot to receive the orders through push notifications, as well as make modifications on the menu written in the GS from the app, (I’m looking for an in and out communication between the app and the google sheet in real time)

Is this possible? and if so how can I connect the google sheet to AppGyver?


Here are several ways I would approach this from easiest/most expensive to hardest:

  1. Zapier -
  2. n8n Cloud - (hosted version of n8n, the open source zapier ‘clone’)
  3. n8n, you could host it on DigitalOcean for $5/m
  4. Google Sheets REST API
    This could be the easiest as long as your sheet data is publicly shared, if not then you’ll need to implement OAuth 2.0 login: to make use of it.

I’m planning to do more investigation on n8n, it seems amazing, and could actually wind up being a free, no-code RESTful backend with many many integrations baked in… if you make use of it, please share your experiences!


I am successfully using Spreadsheets as my ‘backend’

I use Sheety to turn the sheets into a RESTAPI


Thanks a lot Tim! My google sheets are public, so I think I’m gonna go with your 4th recommendation, also I think is free right?

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Thanks Jordan! I think I’m gonna try google scripts first, and then I’ll check Sheety, I still don’t know which option means the less effort, and the lower expense, but thanks a lot tho!

Yes, it’s free up to these limits:

This version of the Google Sheets API has a limit of 500 requests per 100 seconds per project, and 100 requests per 100 seconds per user. Limits for reads and writes are tracked separately. There is no daily usage limit.

So it’s 5 calls per second for your project (you need to create a project in the google cloud console and enable the sheets API for it - and if you need more than those throttle limitations you will need to set up billing, but even then it’s still quite inexpensive iirc.

Also for you or anyone else that might be interested in n8n, I played around with it last night, it was so easy to get going locally, I was blown away!

Once you have node.js setup all you need to do is:

npm install n8n -g

to install it, then:

n8n start --tunnel

which sets up a tunnel and provides you with a publicly accessible URL to your local instance so that you can handle the callbacks when you do the OAuth authentication that many/most modern services require.

In about 15 minutes I was able to set up a workflow with a webhook trigger (and was also given a public URL for that) and connected it to a node to read from a selected sheet and return the result – for bonus points I also setup another workflow to read from a firebase collection and return the results.

From Appgyver you would just to an http request to the webhook passing whatever you need to the webhook and it would return the results from the last node of whatever workflow you triggered with your request.

It’s ridiculous how many services it supports!!!

Great Tim, thanks a lot! that n8n stuff sound a bit advance for me hehe I’m just getting started with app building, but I’m definitely gonna give it a try later, if you’d like to further connect I’ve just made a FB group for the AppGyver community in request of the admins.

See ya!

Hi Aldo, were you able to do the appgyver-googler sheet api integration? I am trying the same and I have not succeeded.