Is it possible to create a loading ( progressing ) bar?

Dear, whenever I create, update or especially delete a record, it takes about 2-4 seconds for the showing list of data records to take updates. After tap delete button, nothing will happen for seconds before the record disappear from the display list. If using spinner and set the delay for constant amount of seconds then hide, it will not match with the real moment on the screen. So is it possible to make somethings like real time matching spinner or loading ( progressing ) bar : when the record disappears or its content be updated on the screen, these processes will fit with the spinner / progress bar ?


You could achieve this by using a true/false type variable like deletion_complete to toggle the visibility of a spinner. Set its default value to true and in the logic canvas set its value to false after the tap event of the button but before deleting the record. Then, set its value to true again after the delete record logic flow. This way, you can use the deletion_complete variable to show the spinner the correct amount of time - as long as deletion_complete is false, the spinner is visible.

Hope this helps!

Dear, thanks but it didn’t work. The spinner just appear and disappear instantly, almost in the same moment ( 1-200 ms ). It’s the same result with : trigger a “Show Spinner” after tap button and before delete record, then “Hide Spinner” after delete record.
In fact, it was instantly delete the record after tap button, the main issue here is that need to wait for the showing list loading data collection of records. It caused the delay, not the action delete record itseft.

So i put a “Hide Spinner” after Get record collection - Set data variable and it works.

Ah yes exactly. Great that you were able to work it out!

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