Is it possible to create a moving picture?


I am wondering if we can add an image that will move when the user will move the screen on the right or on the left? Like for example I would like to show an apartment so I would like them to be able to move from room to another room.

Thank you

you mean like a 3d rendering that you can navigate?
Or just an image slider
do you have any example you can show?


Yes this is it an image slider !!

Hi! Unfortunately there is no such component available at the moment, but there will be at some point in the future. At the moment you can do one where you can tap the image or an icon on top of the image to go left or right, but no sliding/animations unfortunately.

Thank you for your reply

actually, in order not to misunderstood @Mevi , there is a way to make the sliding animation (using animation to the image component when the image is changed) but the thing that is not supported, is the registration of sliding movements only tapping. but for that, you can use some arrow buttons as Mevi said.

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