Is it possible to create floating button available outside of the app?

I’m still quite new to the AppGyver possibilities, maybe this is know request or there is a known solution.

In my app, I would like to create a quick action button - available outside of app pages. Something like floating messenger chat icons. It should stay on top of home screen and other apps curren running.

Is it possible? If yes, then please guide me to some resources


You can create a container in the relative position, which you copy on each page of your application.
The elements of this container are on application variables.
I hope it answers your question.

Nope, I want this float on top of other apps (and phone home/app pages) → not on top of my app pages

You can watch this video that starts at 45:49 in @Curiositylab:

And you would already play with the position if it is at the top and bottom, and give it another kind of styles.

Thanks, but it’s also not what im looking - as it is still the element on top of the core aplication.

I’m after effect like ‘chat heads’

(img source: How to make Messenger like chat head for android app? - Unity Answers )

But it seems like it’s not yet possible

No, unfortunately, you cant do something like that🙄

I understand what you were referring to, I think for now you can’t, this topic was touched on in another section and I think not for now. I thought it was inside the floating menu style app.

It seemed to me not to have understood your request. :sweat_smile: