Is it possible to download dSYM files for iOS builds?

I wonder if there is a way how to download dSYM files to use them with services like Crashlytics for better stack trace decoding, etc.

I was literally about to ask the same question!

In my most recent iOS build I’ve seen far more crashes and am trying to understand why.

Screen Shot 2022-07-19 at 10.05.07

Indeed, same here. I have the same amount of users on Android and iOS. Android shows 99.8% crash free users whereas iOS is at 70% of crash free uses. App built on 4.5.7. Majority of crashes happens at app start.

4.5.7 is where my issue started too. I’ve seen one crash on app start but not been able to replicate.

Seems to be happening for around the same % of your iOS users as well.

dSYM files can be downloaded from Go to My App, click on release build, Build metadata and then Download dSYM.

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FYI, my iOS crashes seem to have stopped now that I added Firebase Anonmyous Auth.

Previously I hadn’t added the auth modules to my apps, but based on the error messages I thought it would be worth giving it a try. My most recent iOS app in prod hasn’t had any crashes since.

I had to remove DataVariable connecting to Firebase on the first page shown after splash screen. Connecting to Firebase from other pages works well including Global Canvas.

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