Is it possible to make sth. only visible for a specific user group?

Is it possible to make something only visible for a specific user group?
E.g. there is an edit button and i want that it is only visible for the Admin Users. Is this possible to set up?

If your using ag auth there should be some information about the admin status of the user in the current user object you get from there. You could use that for conditional rendering.

Remember though that in your frontend app you really can’t stop your users from seeing these things as they have free reign to hack over it. Your backend needs to be the ultimate authority to choose if something can be done by the user or not.

I’m using AppGyver Auth. Maybe i could use the if condition with is_equal formula. But where do i get the admin status from? E.g. as an variable that i can use for the formula.

The formula maybe could be sth. like this?
IS_EQUAL(appVars.currentUser.***, “Admin”)

Look through the currentUser object. If I remember correctly it could be somewhere under currentUser.metadata

These are all Variables found there…

But i’ve found an other problem. I can only login with the demo Account. Every other account is not able to login. Every time it says that it is an invalid username or password. Is it a bug or is it because it is the preview version? Or maybe i’m doing sth. false.