Is it possible to only calculate with decimal part of a number?

So you have e.g. the number 34.38 And i want that it is converted to Time (in this case the result should be 34h 50min)
As you see the hour part doesn’t change because it already exists. But the minute part has to be calculated. So the formula need to know, that 34 is the hour and that it has to calculate 0.38 * 60.
But how can i create this?

This question comes up from this theme. It only said how to do in theory, but don’t know how to do as formula.

Possibly, you can achieve this with TRUNCATE()

TRUNCATE() is for shortening a text wit …, the explanation of itself says

hours = FLOOR(sumTime)
minutes = FLOOR((sumTime - hours)x60)
hours = FLOOR(34.38) = 34
minutes = FLOOR((34.38 - 34)x60) = FLOOR(0.38x60) = FLOOR(22.8) = 22
So 34h 22min

Thanks you’re trying to help me, but you’re using multiple formulas. But that is not possible. I need everything in one formula.

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Ok, so you will have to put multiple formula in one formule. Put this in between formula: &&

With && you can use multiple formula, of course. But where does the second formula get the information it needs to function?
The second one will need results from the first one. And I think it’s not possible.

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I don’t see any other way than to use multiple ‘set variables’